About Sonia Lippke

SoniaInChina_Peking_2011-10-17 175Sonia Lippke is a health psychologist with the main expertise in theory- and evidence-based health promotion. Her goals are the improvement of health and health behavior as well as the enhancement of happiness in large populations of all age groups.

In several studies, she tested social-cognitive theories and theory-based interventions in different age groups. This was done in diverse samples and settings, such as the worksites, rehabilitation centers, clinics, schools, universities and exercise classes.

Dr. Lippke conducted research applying different techniques (including internet and Information Technologies, IT, as well as Randomized Controlled Trials, RCT) and investigating different characteristics of individuals (age, motivation, ethnicity background, gender, clinical diagnoses etc.).

She conceptualizes age not only in terms of chronological age but also as subjective and individually varying processes. She collaborates in international and interdisciplinary studies testing different mediators and moderators in the self-regulation of health behavior, e.g., subjective age and future time perspective.

Knoops_1She is mainly interested in enabling individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. Such a healthy lifestyle may consist of different behaviors, for example, physical activity, a balanced diet, detection and hygiene behaviors, non-smoking behavior and reduced alcohol consumption. In addition to regarding each of those behaviors separately, also the combination of those behaviors should be taken into account. Dr. Lippke’s aim is therefore to investigate mechanisms between and across different behaviors, diverse groups and in various environments. For that she develops and researches unique theories that capture multiple risk factors and multiple behavior changes.

Check this video (in German) for some examples of my research:
Jacobs University welcomed school children from the local area to its Kids University.
Enjoy the video with Sonia Lippke.