IMPACCT (IMproving PAtient-centered Communication Competences: To build professional capacity concerning health literacy in medical and nursing education) – Project


This is an international consortium including Jacobs University Bremen which aims at developing an educational program to improve the communication competences of medical students and nursing students to communicate better with older patients with low health literacy. The grant is part of the EU Erasmus + program.

Older people with low health literacy often find it difficult to cope with illness and the associated treatment. They have difficulties to comprehend medical information and consequently adhere to medical advice and take their medication properly is often problematic. In general, these older adults have limited knowledge about illness and health, and their healthcare providers often have insufficient knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with them. Strengthening communicative skills of future healthcare providers can help improve care for these older people.

The so-called IMPACCT project is coordinated by University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. Sonia Lippke, Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, and her team at Jacobs University carry out key work within IMPACCT.

Interested persons from the health sector (e.g., trainers and trainees, specialists, representatives of counseling centers for older people, and relevant decision-makers) who would like to contribute their experience, can contact Sonia Lippke via e-mail ( or via phone (0421 200- 4730).