Our Team – Health Psychology

The health psychology and behavioral medicine team consists of the following members:

Head of Health Psychology Unit: Lippke, Sonia; Dr. phil., habil., Dipl.-Psych.; Professor of Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine; E-Mail: s.lippke@jacobs-university.de; Phone: 0421 200 4730; Research 4, Room 106

Group Members (in alphabetical order):

Derksen Christina Research Fellow
Gahre Stefanie Viktoria Teaching Assistant
Gao Lingling PhD Fellow
Keller Franziska Research Fellow
Keller Simon Student Assistant
Kötting Lukas Student Assistant
Lenhard Nina Student Assistant
Nöth Katharina Student Assistant
Preißner Christian Student Assistant
Ratz Tiara Research Fellow & PhD Fellow
Schulz Sybille Guest Researcher
Whittal Amanda Guest Researcher
Zschucke Elisabeth Guest Lecturer