AEQUIPA is a regional prevention research network in the metropolitan region of Bremen-Oldenburg which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Six universities, two research institutes as well as the health economy organization of the Bremen-Oldenburg region are participating in the project.

AEQUIPA aims to strengthen the evidence base for preventive physical activity in the context of healthy ageing, yielding new insights into environmental, social-contextual and individual conditions for persons aged 65+ to engage in physical activity.

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The Jacobs University Bremen is involved in subproject 2. The aim of this subproject  „PROMOTE“ is to develop different types of intervetions to promote physical activity behavior in older adults and compare their effectiveness.

The interventions are tailored to the age, gender, cultural background and other individual characteristics (motivation, current fitness) of the participants. The efficacy of the interventions regarding indicators of healthy aging (e.g. physical fitness, cognition, psychological well-being, social participation, health behavior) is evaluated in a randomised, controlled study.

The expertise of Jacobs University is the evaluation of those intervetions.

Special emphasis is put on social participation which gains in importance due to the demographic change and political decisions.

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Contact persons at Jacobs University:

Sonia Lippke,