Research Project Time-Limited Reduced Earning Capability Pension and Return To Work (Befristete Erwerbsminderungsrente und Rückkehr in dAs Erwerbsleben – Themen und Erwartungen von Erwerbsminderungs-RentnerInnen)

-funded by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Oldenburg Bremen (DRV OL-HB)-

In cooperation with pension insurance institution Rentenversicherung Oldenburg-Bremen, we work on the research project BERATER. The objective of the project is a better understanding of pensioners and their expectations, particularly their goals and plans regarding a potential return to the labor force. In addition, personal and social factors contributing to professional reintegration are to be identified. These pensioners were also be encouraged by the interviews to develop new ideas, question ingrained behavioral patterns and become more confident.

The data was collected in telephone interviews with volunteers who currently receive such a pension. After a third round of interviews after six months the collected data are analyzed. Personal information were anonymized, so that statements made during the interviews cannot be traced to a specific person. Any analysis were and will only be conducted at group level in order to guarantee data protection.

The aim of the project was the acquisition of information regarding personal and social conditions and factors that may contribute to a professional reintegration. The results can also be used to better tailor reintegration measures to the needs of these individuals in order to increase their chances of successfully returning to work.

For further information about the project, please contact

Prof. Sonia Lippke
Email:; Tel.: 0421/200-4730