Research goals

Dr. Lippke’s main research interests are focused on health psychology across the entire life span and on the investigation of health behaviors in work contexts. She brings in expertise on the four areas: “theories and models,” “work-place health promotion,” “lifelong health/risk behavior change” and “multiple behavior change.”

Dr. Lippke has been involved in many research projects investigating health and risk behavior as well as self-regulation of behaviors across the life span and in different contexts. Her expertise covers aging, prevention and disease management, which is also reflected in many of her publications.

She has been conducting research internationally and interdisciplinary, for instance in collaboration with colleagues from medicine, gerontology, sociology and economics. She currently extends these collaborations with experts from lifespan psychology and other fields related to lifelong learning and institutional development, cf. JCLL and AgeAct.

Dr. Lippke’s current research aims to cover the following five areas:

1. Health-related behavior, its regulation and its outcomes (such as happiness, quality of life, work commitment and productivity),
2. Healthy lifestyle and multi-behavior change, transfer and compensatory cognitions,
3. Occupational health promotion,
4. Life span approaches, successful aging and lifelong learning,
5. Acculturation and ethnicity.

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