Spiro Ergometric and psychological measurements to predict workability and return to work at 18 and 36 months after the medical rehabilitation (Funding: German Pension Insurance Oldenburg-Bremen)
The research project SPIRO is conducted by the work group of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Jacobs University Bremen, chaired by Prof. Dr. Lippke, together with the German Pension Insurance Oldenburg-Bremen and the medical rehabilitation clinic Montanus-Klinik Bad Schwalbach.
Background: For most people, employment is very important. It serves not only to earn money for life but also is an integral part of the self and social participation. Therefore, the maintenance of earning capacity and the avoidance of possible negative psychosocial consequences from work and health are of major interest. But only if the importance of physical fitness and mediating psychological mechanisms are known, these can be effectively addressed.
The aim of the project is to determine the role of fitness (in terms of data from spiroergometry), psychological factors and physical activity for work-related outcomes up to 3 years after medical rehabilitation.
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