The exponential growth of global knowledge is one of the main drivers of economic, cultural and social change and the phenomenon fundamentally challenges the educational traditions of the past.

Massive demographic change is also under way, challenging many social institutions and presenting many potential benefits for the future. Lifelong learning efforts are needed now more than ever and present one of the most important strategies being developed to respond to a quickly changing work context.


Jacobs University has joined forces with other academic institutions as well as partners from the business community in order to design and launch post-graduate and executive programs that match the needs of specific target groups. Under the auspices of the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development (the JCLL), Jacobs University currently offers two Executive Masters programs and a host of executive education seminars.

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If you are interested in a webinar in which Prof. Lippke gave a talk, please check this out: https://www.isbnpa.org/index.php?r=media/view&id=82