620_2Prof. Sonia Lippke is teaching on a regular basis the following courses at Jacobs University:

  • Current Topics in Applied Psychology (Bachelor level, fall semester)
  • Evaluationsmethoden/ Evaluation Methods (MSc Psychology level, spring semester)
  • Health Promotion and Counseling in a Diverse Society (MSc Psychology level, spring semester)
  • Kommunikation wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse/ Communication of scientific research findings (MSc Psychology level, fall semester)

Other courses, Prof. Lippke is typically teaching, are:

      • Academic Professional Skill Training (e.g., Effective Communication Strategies; Goal Setting and Goal Pursuit)
      • BA Thesis Seminar
      • Communication and Interaction
      • Core Theory Seminar Health Psychology
      • Diagnostic and Evaluation
      • Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management
      • Emotion and Motivation
      • Health Promotion and Counseling in a Diverse Society
      • Logic of Comparative Studies

Previous teaching:

Jacobs University Bremen

      • The chemistry and psychology of food (Interdisciplinary University Student Classes, together with Nikolai Kuhnert)
      • Health – An Integrative Perspective on Body, Brain and Psychology (Interdisciplinary University Student Classes, together with Claudia Voelcker-Rehage)
      • Ageing, lifelong learning and institutional development (University Student Classes, together with Christian Stamov Roßnagel)
      • Was werden wir in 20 Jahren essen ? (Children’s University/ Kinder-Uni – together with Nikolai Kuhnert)
      • New year’s resolutions or daily hassles with goals? - How to overcome inner temptations (Jacobs health campaign)

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

      • Health psychology & educational psychology

Maastricht University, Netherlands

      • Practical training on health promotion

Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Psychology/ Department of Medical Psychology

    • Health psychology
    • Educational psychology
    • Research methods
    • Develomental psychology
    • Medical psychology
    • Physical activity and active aging